The Engage Platform

We’re building a patient-provider engagement tool designed to be fun, affordable and truly effective. Are you a care provider looking for a better way to stay up to date with your patients’ progress?

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The Engage Platform integrates two technologies built to support innovative healthcare, whole person wellness, and knowledge exchange:

Engage Portal

The Engage portal is a web tool for providers to manage patient care and see at a glance who needs priority, track patient compliance, and detect health anomalies streaming directly from the patient’s mobile app.

Custom plans allow a range of features designed to support whole person care:

  • Address multiple domains of wellness
  • Monitor behavior change strategies
  • Build and support new lifestyle routines
  • Collect valuable data from wearable devices
  • Manage your patient population
  • Commuinicate with patients in real time

Mobile App

The Engage app is a mobile companion for patients pursuing positive change while engaging with their care team. Clients can log their activity over multiple domains, including:

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose
  • Weight/BMI/Body Fat percentage
  • Waist circumference
  • Water intake

Additional features include:

  • Patient journaling
  • Photo sharing
  • Real-time messaging

Our trackers are designed for seamless integration with Apple Health and Google Fit, enabling third-party mobile apps for easy, passive data logging.

So, who is the
Engage Platform for?

So, who is the 

Engage Platform for?

Engage as a Patient

Own Your Health, Create New Outcomes

Do you want to take ownership of your health and improve personal wellness? You will experience effective and sustainable outcomes with interventions right for you.

The HealthMotivate Engage platform connects you to your providers who oversee the creation of customized care plans that promote healthy behavior changes that fit your lifestyle. Your user journey through our mobile app bridges your in-office visits to see your provider, who can now connect with you  securely via our Engage portal.

Engage as a Provider

Track how well your interventions are working

The Engage Portal is a web-based tool that easily connects you to the app your patients are using. You'll have access to all the data your patients are tracking and you'll be able to engage with your patients via real-time messaging and photo-sharing.

Providers can easily offer accountability, identify trends and offer encouragement and suggestions to their patients at any time. Want to see what your patients are eating? They can even share photos of their meals with you and your can provide feedback and/or praise.

Our Mission

Engaging in the Journey to Wholeness

The pathway to wholeness can be affordable, effective, self-motivated and fun. HealthMotivate Digital is dedicated to creating cultures of wellness through innovative healthcare delivery, knowledge exchange, and whole person transformation.

Our goal is to improve health outcomes and reduce costs for both the provider and patient. In order for patients to be empowered to make healthy choices daily and experience healing, we believe that the journey to wholeness should be enjoyable, inspiring, and spiritually motivating.

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Download the HealthMotivate app

While the HealthMotivate app is designed to be used with Engage to connect clients with their care team, you are still invited to download the app and send feedback about your experience. The app is still in an early stage and our product team is always listening for ways to improve the app experience.

From your mobile device, download the app that corresponds to your device.